Elaine A. Turley logo, link to home pagePrepare for Your Medicaid Application Consultation

Our office will provide a Medicaid Application Questionnaire prior to our consultation. Please bring the following documents along with your completed questionnaire to our consultation meeting.

  1. Existing Last Will and Testament of applicant and spouse, if any;
  2. Existing Power of Attorney of applicant, if any;
  3. Existing Health Care Proxy of applicant, if any;
  4. Existing Living Will of applicant, if any;
  5. Any trusts the applicant or spouse may have created;
  6. Most current statement for any account in which applicant or spouse has an interest;
  7. Copies of deeds for all real property in which applicant or spouse has an interest;
  8. Life insurance policy declarations page and most recent statement for all policies in which applicant or spouse has an interest or is insured;
  9. Proof of beneficiary designations for all accounts owned by applicant or spouse;
  10. Irrevocable Funeral Trust and Pre-Need Plan for applicant and spouse;
  11. Most recent benefit award letter for Social Security benefits applicant and spouse receive;
  12. Proof of all income sources of applicant and spouse, including payment stub for wage or pension income;
  13. Health insurance benefit summary for all health insurance policies of applicant and spouse;
  14. Health insurance premium invoice and payment for applicant and spouse;
  15. Long Term Insurance benefit summary for applicant and spouse;
  16. Current medical condition, health care needs, and assistance applicant and spouse receive; name, address and phone number of home health care agency or nursing home providing care.