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Our office will provide an Estate Administration Questionnaire prior to our consultation. Please bring the following documents along with your completed questionnaire to our consultation meeting.

  1. Last executed Last Will and Testament, if any;
  2. Last Will and Testament previously executed by decedent and later revoked, if any;
  3. One original certified copy of death certificate;
  4. Trusts created by decedent;
  5. Date of death AND most current statement for all accounts in which decedent had an interest;
  6. Copies of deeds for all real property in which decedent had an interest;
  7. Life insurance policies owned by decedent and life insurance policies under which decedent’s life was insured;
  8. Proof of beneficiary designations for all accounts in which decedent had an interest;
  9. List of debts of decedent at date of death;
  10. Receipts for funeral expenses of decedent.

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