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We, at the Law Office of Elaine A.Turley, PLLC, will provide personalized, professional and efficient representation for your Elder Law, Estate Planning and Real Property Transaction needs. Our best client is the one that trusts that we have the knowledge and experience to guide them through the legal process and takes the time to listen to our counsel as we take the time to listen to their goals and wishes.

Elder Law

Elder Law includes the practice areas of guardianship, Medicaid planning, and Medicaid applications. Our attorney and staff has the experience and skill to provide valuable legal assistance in these practice areas and will work with you to reduce your family’s stress when faced with the difficulties associated with the illness and/or incapacity of your loved one.

Estate Planning

Our firm provides assistance with comprehensive Estate Planning and will take the time to examine your financial and family background to help you develop a plan for your future. Many of the clients we assist begin with the belief that they need a Last Will and Testament but don’t realize that in order to determine what property will pass through the will there must first be a comprehensive review of assets. Depending on how assets are titled the Last Will and Testament may or may not pass their property as they wish. Not examining and planning beneficiary designations may lead to increased income tax payments by those receiving retirement funds. For these and other reasons, our firm will not draft a Last Will and Testament without first examining your assets and family structure.

Many potential clients overlook the critical need for planning tools that will ensure that a trusted person will be authorized and available to make health care decisions and to manage property and affairs should the client not be able to act for themselves. Please take some time to review our Resources page under the heading of health care decision making for news stories that involve the failure to appoint a trusted person to make health care decisions. See also information describing the Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney.

Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney

We look forward to working with you for your Elder Law, Estate Planning or Real Property Transaction needs and will strive to develop a trusting, professional and personalized relationship with you, our client.

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